Welcome !

Quicksiver Madness is now on the ice floe. It's a little cold, but the atmosphere is warm enough ^^

What's that website about?
Quicksilver Madness is a personal website, which purpose is to classify all of my fanfiction and fanart works (along with those of some of my friends), but also pictures from conventions (like the FACTS), and screen caps from different movies and tv shows.

And why a penguin as a mascott?
Koko the penguin please! Well it all started with a private joke between my partner in fun, Annwan, and yours truly. We have both elected our dear major Kawalsky/Kowalski (character of Stargate SG1, unjustly killed in episode 2, but who thankfully comes back later on) as our official mascott. Kawalsky, nicknamed Koko, also being a character from the Disney movie "Madasgascar", a penguin, the apperance of our mascott changed a little ;) Not that we don't like Jay Acovone (the actor who portrayed Kawalsky) anymore, far from that, but a penguin is more fun and easier to draw.

How does all of this work?
You can access the different parts of the website by clinking on the links on the left.
Don't forget that all the material of this website can't be used without it's author agreement.
Oh and my english being far from perfect, please forgive my many mistakes ;)

If you have any question/comment, please mail me!

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