Author : Aegis
Fandom : StarWars

Pairing : Han Solo/ Leia
Written for the challenge : “First Kiss”

“The princess, you have to take care of her. You hear me, huh?”
Chewie was protesting but while he knew his friend wouldn’t let her down, he had to be sure of it. He wouldn’t be be here to protect her anymore...
And he never told her.
The sudden thought took him aback as he could feel the guards approaching them, remiding him that he didn’t have much time left.
He watched her closely and felt a sudden urge to do one more thing.
To show her what she meant to him.
And so he kissed her with all the passion he felt since the first time he saw her, tasting her soft lips against his, and feeling all her desparation mixing with his own.
But there were already strong hands on his shoulders, taking him away, and it was too soon.
“I love you” she said and her voice did not tremble.
He thanked her for that.
“I know”
He kept watching at her as he took place on the plate-form, his eyes locked into hers, not daring to move as his heart was beting faster and his body was already starting to tremble, and he wished he had her self-control.
The frozen air embraced him, and as his body went rigid under the sudden attack, as he was hurting everywhere and completely immersed in obscurity, he could still see her.