For [info]kimberlyfdr
Fandom : Starsky and Hutch
Characters : Starky, Hutch
Requested Line : "Hutch ran his finger over the jagged scar that crossed near Starsky's heart."

Rolling carrefuly on the couch , Hutch wondered what woke him up. It was the middle of the night and his mind was still foggy with sleep, but as he was about to feel asleep once more, he heard the noise.

Completly awake this time, he sat up and looked around the room.
"Starsk?" he asked and then saw the dark figure beside the wall."Yes."

Hutch rubbed his eyes tiredly with his hand and then turned the light on.
"What are you doing here? You're still too weak to wander like this without any lights, you could have stumbled on something and hurt yourself, I... I... you should have woke me up!"
Starsky just looked at him with tired eyes, his blue pajamas now too big for him made him look like a small child. He was so adorable that Hutch nearly regretted what he had just said.
"Come here, sit down..." he said while leading the injured detective towards the couch.
Starsky did as he was told and sat silently.
"Hey buddy... what's goin' on?" Hutch asked with worry.
"Just been thinkin'..." came the soft reply.
"About what?"
Starsky chewed his lips for a moment before replying.
"Me... How my life has changed and will continue to change... I don't know if I will be a cop ever again, guess not... "
Hutch put an arm around his friend's shoulders.
"Don't say things like this babe... We'll make it."
Starsky was suddenly looking so lost that Hutch felt his heart ache.
"I saw Cindy yesterday..." the dark haired policeman said, completly out of propos. Hutch just waited for him to finish, not knowing were the conversation was heading.
"I... She just looked at me as if I was..." his left hand went inconsciously to rub his chest and when he became aware of what he was doing, he grabbed the front of his pajamas, looking even more vulnerable.
"My shirt was open and when she looked at... the scars... well you guess what happened next." he began to laughed silently, and Hutch brought him closer.
"I'm so happy to be alive, but sometimes... I wonder if things will ever be the same... I'm sounding pretty lame aren't I?"
"No you're not..." answered the blond cop taking Starsky's hand in his and making him release the shirt.
"Ok, maybe you're right"
"Of course I am..." Hutch ran his finger over the jagged scar that crossed near Starsky's heart, making the curly man shiver.

"They're beautiful to me" he said softly.
"How can you say that? They're ugly, everyone can see that. I'm ugly and I know it. You don't have to pretend!"
"Starsk... Stop that"
"Hutch you're my best friend and the closest person to me, so please be honnest..."
"I am..."
"Of course not!"
"Starsk, I'll do anything for you, but I'm not lying... please stop that, don't make me do it..."
"Do what? What are you talking about?"
And then in an instant Hutch's mouth was on his, hungry and passionate, unlike any kiss he had received before... much more intense and so full of love. But the kiss was broken too soon and Starsky could only touch his lips with trembling fingers, still feeling his friend's lips.
"I'm sorry..."

The injuried man looked up and saw a miserable Hutch who had his head in his hands.
"Why?" he asked.
"Because I love you... always have and it was too difficult to pretend, to resist, I couldn't do it anymore... not after Gunther, after this..."
"No, why are you sorry?"
Hutch just looked at him without understanding and then a small smile was brought to his lips as Starsky came closer and kissed him again tenderly.
"You said you'll do anything for me?" the dark haired cop finally asked with a smirk.

"You know I'll do..."
"Even shave that mustache of yours?"

Hutch just rolled his eyes.