Drabble #1 :
Fandom : The Pretender
Characters : Miss Parker, Broots
Requested Line : "Well... I think no one made me feel like this before sweet heart. But chocolate is too much don't you think?"


Miss Parker stormed in the flat looking absolutly furious. Of course it was quite an usual behavior for her... especially those days. Her father had jumped from that plane two weeks ago and Jarod was once again missing.

Broots' eyes widdened in surprise at the sudden and imprumptu intrusion and he fought the intinct which told him to curl up and pray for his life. Instead, he just stood where he was, not daring to move and the pan full of hot chocolate he was holding still in his hands.

"Tell me you have good news." she said glaring at the poor man who flinched under the hard gaze "Tell me you found our lab rat and that's why you left that urgent message on my office desk!"

"Errr not exactly..." he said with a little voice and his hands started to shake violently.

The iron lady walked very slowly towards him until they were nose to nose.

"Care to repeat that?"

The cold voice did the trick, and in an instant all the chocolate were other them. Broots instantly jumped because of the burning sensation and then quickly went to wet a towel with cold water.

"I'm sorry!" he cried as a small child expecting a severe punishment would.... which was not that far from the truth after all.

He finally dared to look at the young woman who hadn't moved at all, apparently unaffected by the heat of the chocolate but who was now litteraly radiating whith cold fury.

Broots stepped back until his back hit the wall behind him.

"But you just came here at my house... without tellin' me and then you started yelling all over! You could just... just be nicer sometimes! We've known each other for years after all, things are different now, you could feel different about me!"

Broots couldn't say anything more, stunned by his own bravado... or rather his own stupidy.
"Well... I think no one made me feel like this before sweet heart. But chocolate is too much don't you think?" she replied with too much gentleness.

"Yes? Sweet Heart? I errr... well I'm sorry 'bout that and well..." he laughed a little "That's kinda new, but I'm happy things are changing for us and maybe we could..."

He could say no more as in an instant Miss Parker's hand was gripping his collar preventing him from mooving.

"Don't you dare doing such a thing again and don't you fucking dare thinking things have changed cause that's never, ever, gonna happen..." she said very slowly and through her teeth.

"Or maybe not..."