Title: Untitled drabble
Author: Aegis
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Without a Trace
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard (sort of)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, drabble, crossover

Notes: Written for Lillyjk's icon challenge and for the die_elena_die community

“Really Rodney I hadn’t thought you had it in you” John said with a proud smile.
“It was an accident!” answered the outraged scientist vehemently.
“Yeah sure, you punched her right into the face by accident” John leaned back against the wall, not caring at all for the figure lying at his feet.
“It’s just… Shouldn’t we help her?” Rodney asked while kneeling down beside the woman.
John took an uninterested look at her, but didn’t move.
“Why did you hit her by the way?” he asked instead.
Rodney sighed heavily and felt tremors run through his body.
“She looked like… well, it’s stupid but for a moment I thought she was a….
- A what?
- A wraith…” McKay finally gave in, feeling the shame redden his usually pale cheeks.
Now that got Sheppard’s interest, knelling down by his friend’s side, he watched carefully the Latino woman’s face and instantly took a step back.
“Oh my god you’re right!” he shouted.
Crossing his arms on his chest, the lieutenant colonel finally managed to get his emotions under control
“What an uncanny resemblance…” he murmured to himself.
“So what should we do? She’s not moving!” Rodney yelled, panicking.
John first though that was a damn good thing, but then reminded himself that she was not a wraith after all, but just a strange looking woman.
So he quietly approached her, or rather forced himself to do so.
“Well, she’s not dead…” he said, watching her breathing.

They both looked up to see a young Cuban man standing in front of them and looking very unhappy.