Title: Monsters' symphony
Words: 161
Fandom: Staragate/Stargate SG1
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sarah O'Neill
Notes: Written for challenge #2 of Drabblers, Violent Death

The sound was still resonating into his ears... defeaning. Now people were talking all around, machines were beeping and somewhere far away a man was shooting... but he wasn’t listening, wasn’t watching either.
He was just waiting for the doctors to finally come, but already knew what they were going to say. Even if he couldn’t admit it... yet.
Would he ever be able to?
Sarah was sitting beside him, curled up on that hard hospital chair. She had been crying uncontrollably for the last hour, but he couldn’t confort her ; not when he felt like he was slowly tearing apart. One
piece at a time, as if his soul was being eaten by some childhood monster.
The monsters that his litle boy used to fear at nights, and maybe the same monsters that made him keep a weapon in his house.
The gunshot echoed in his skull once more. It would keep resonating for the rest of his life.