Title: Damnit
Author: Aegis
Spoilers: Season 7
Character: Mini-Jack
Words: 167

« Damnit! »
Jack looked again at the mirror, refusing to believe what he had just seen. But it was still there, as visible as Apophis’eyes when the goa’uld was angry.
Yeah, thanks for the comparison.
He rummaged through the cupboard looking for something that could help, but nothing!
He slammed the door and stared at his reflection.

Wasn’t it enough that he was locked in that mini-body, didn’t have a job anymore, didn’t even have a life anymore?!
Well actually he had a life… a new one, full of possibilities. Some kind of second chance.
Most people would say he was lucky: after all he didn’t have a bad knee anymore, no wrinkles, not a single health problem but that didn’t hide the fact that he was small, couldn’t drink beer anymore (god he missed that) and with the girls… well, he didn’t even want to think about it.
He could live with setbacks like that, though. It was hard, but he could do it.
But damnit, acne?!